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Torninova Air Basic 1.6 NEW! #L1169

 Machine Ref.# L1169
Model: Air Basic 1.600
Year: New

Air Bubble (Wrap) Film Machine

Raw materials: LDPE rolls and coated materials
Thermoforming process: Hot Air + Diathermic Oil Cylinders
Web width: 1,6 m (63")
Finished air bubble film weight: min. 40 g/m2 - max. 500 g/m2
Max. production speed: 65 m/min ( 215'/min)
Forming roller diameter: Ø 400 mm (15.75")
Standard bubble size: Spherical Ø 10 x 3 mm (.39 x .125")
Standard production size: 360 kg/h (75 g/m2)
Standard production size: 6.250 m2/h (40 g/m2)
Average power consumption: 65 kW-h

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